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Certified Hypno-Therapist Michael Bartlett

About Certified Hypno-Therapist Michael A. Bartlett, CHt

Clarity Hypno-Therapy was developed by well-known, certified hypnotherapist Michael A. Bartlett to be an effective way to positively change behaviors and increase personal abilities.

Clarity has changed the lives of hundreds of individuals. Clarity helped to change their behaviors by modifying their thought patterns. Adults, teens, and children have noticed results after the first session. Each successive session works to solidify these modified thought patterns into the psyche for a happier, healthier, more successful you.

Clarity Could Increase Your Abilities. Many individuals visit us to further their abilities in areas such as amateur and professional sports, dating and academics. Corporations have sent their executives to us to further their personal abilities in areas such as critical thinking under pressure, escaping the proverbial "box," public speaking, dealing with difficult individuals, corporate leadership, and more.

Clarity Can Help Eliminate Negative Behaviors. We can help to modify almost any detrimental behavior and thought pattern such as difficulty concentrating during a test, fear of public speaking, anger issues, non-physical memory problems, anxiety, fear of flying, stress, etc.

Clarity DOES NOT Focus on Your Past. We believe the past is “history” and we do not dwell there. We work on the present and the future YOU. We work to help quickly modify behavior patterns today so you can live a better tomorrow.


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