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Anger Management

Anger Management Hypnosis

The term “anger management” is a bit misleading. While it’s true that some anger management skills and techniques can help a person suppress bouts of uncontrollable anger, it also implies that anyone who undergoes anger management counseling will retain a condition that needs to be constantly held in check. This might be true for some forms of counseling, but that's not how hypnotherapy works.

At Clarity HypnoTherapy, we attempt to get to the root of your anger issues and help change perceptions about yourself and others to eliminate the anger altogether. Anger hypnosis is to help you maintain a peaceful state of being throughout the day, and particularly during moments that might otherwise send you tumbling into a blind fit of uncontrolled rage. That’s what makes hypnotherapy different from traditional anger management, and what allows Clarity HypnoTherapy to succeed where others sometimes fail.

Unlike other forms of anger management counseling, the idea of hypnotherapy is to grant you emotional independence that allows you to make calm, rational decisions rather than equipping you with superficial techniques which ideally only help to shield others from noticing your anger. In this sense, practicing traditional anger management skills could be viewed as a bit like putting a lid on a boiling pot of water: Just because others can’t see the anger boiling inside of you doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Anger hypnosis aims to fix this.

Guided, professional hypnosis helps remove the feelings of anger that are holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest. The best part? Some of our clients in Phoenix have noticed results after just one session. The purpose of Anger Management hypnotherapy at Clarity HypnoTherapy is to help you to:

If you want to experience what life feels like without uncontrollable anger, contact Clarity HypnoTherapy. You can feel better today, and we can help. To learn more about anger hypnosis counseling, call us at  (602) 751-4675 or fill out our referral form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.


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