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Client Reviews and Testimonials

Client Testimonials & Reviews

Comments from our Satisfied Clients 


I used to care what everyone thought of me, let people take advantage of me, and was upset all the time because I didn't feel like I was in control of my own life. I was sick and scared of where my life was headed. I also had a lot of mental baggage and learned behaviors that were keeping me from being successful. After having a few sessions with Mike, I began making different decisions that benefited me more. He taught me different ways to interact with people and showed me that I had it in me to be this way all along. Right now, I feel like I am a completely different person and I feel like I have always been that way. If you genuinely want to change a behavior, Mike definitely has the power to help you do that like he did for me!

Michele - Phoenix, AZ

I have had tremendous success with Michael Bartlett's techniques. He made it possible for me to kick the smoking habit for good after many years of trying and wanting to quit so bad. I am ahappier and healthier person. At the same time he helped me reduce stress in my life and I have handled many situations calmly and rationally where I used to explode. Now instead of working for other people I have my own successful business. I feel Michael has helped me in every aspect of life. When I am in a situation I can still hear his voice talking to me and making suggestions. I know it strange to think about it, but he has a way of flipping a switch in your head. (that is the best way I can explain it). Recently I had a session with Michael for weight loss. I find myself eating less without cause. It's only been a week so I am still waiting for the results. Give Michael's techniques a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Dan - Scottsdale, AZ

I came to Mike wanting to change how I intermingle with people, weight loss, and making my life stress free. Through this one time session, Mike was able to cure my concerns that I have hand for a long time, and make them feel like there where not even an issue anymore. Hypnotherapy has worked for me, if you have any struggles that you're dealing with and nothing else has worked. Give Mike Bartlett's approach to hypnotherapy a try; it could be the answer to your problems that you're looking to resolve.

David - Tempe AZ

It has been almost six years now since I stopped smoking!!! After trying several methods, hypnosis was the answer for me. I was relaxed and had no cravings for nicotine after my session. Amazing… I would recommend your technique to anyone who really wants to quit smoking and improve his/her health. Thank you for your professionalism.

LC - Scottsdale, AZ

I was new to hypnosis and so I didn’t know what to expect. I'd heard from friends that it was supposed to be a very effective treatment approach, but wanted to find out for myself. I met with Michael, and immediately felt comfortable talking with him. The session was very pleasant and only lasted about an hour. Over the next few days I immediately started noticing positive changes in my life. It really worked for me, and I’d encourage anyone to try it.

Will - Scottsdale, AZ

Wow - Michael is awesome! I had always been interested in hypnosis but this is the first time I'd ever gone. Michael put me at ease right away with his straightforward and relaxed approach. He spent time explaining the process and told me what to expect, which made me feel comfortable. The hypnosis portion itself was great! I was fully aware of everything going on but from a very relaxed state. At the end, I felt incredibly rested, refreshed & energized. The best part is the changes I have noticed in the days after. Although stressful situations continue to occur in my life, my reactions to them are calmer. Hynposis has helped me to not get sucked into the drama around me - hooray!

Kelly - Peoria, AZ


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