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Help Combat Stress and Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Stress Management

Clarity Hypno-therapy has helped hundreds of people enjoy life again by breaking the cycle of excessive stress. We get trapped in our patterns of automatic negative responses - we repeat - and repeat ourselves into a stressed-out mess. Hypnotherapy can change that pattern. We work to unlock a positive array of new responses to stress triggers. This Clarity Hypnotherapy treatment is so effective that some people start seeing results after the first session. Regular sessions over time are important to help cement these new responses for life-long results.

What is Stress? Moderate stress is actually a positive, driving force that fuels ambition, change and growth. Too much stress causes irritability, anger, depression, manic episodes, anxiety, and even worse emotional states. In the end, excessive stress leaves us completely drained, emotionally and mentally. Physically, it affects us by causing tension headaches, backaches, sleepless nights and an ever-present lack of energy. Stress also plays a large role in more serious health problems such overeating, heart attack, stroke, cancer and shortened life expectancy.

What REALLY Causes Stress? Negative thought patterns or "negative expectations" develop from our life experiences. Certain triggers then produce these negative expectations which in turn produce the anxieties we call stress. These expectations are "learned" and therefore can be modified through hypnosis. We all have internal and external stress triggers. External stress triggers can be virtually anything from a barking dog or paying bills to something as simple as the sound of a person’s voice. The less control we have over these triggers, the more helpless we feel. This is what causes our anxiety/stress to build. Some common internal stress triggers are things like bad memories, fearing the unknown, fearing failure or dreading an upcoming event. Clarity Hypnosis works to help you free yourself from "holding on" to your unproductive, negative thought patterns.

What stresses us out is different for each individual. A mountain of work on your desk might make your palms sweat and your heart race. Someone else might not think twice about that, but hits the roof because the girl in front of her didn’t use her turn signal. The more stress we retain the more triggers we’ll have. So, you’re not weird at all. We all have stress and we could certainly all use a hypnotherapy session or two.

A daily life free from excessive stress is both liberating and empowering. Wouldn't it be nice to experience a fresh and healthy sense of well being and peace of mind without wasting your time rehashing the events of your past? Clarity will work to help you become stress-free with a fast, proven, and effective approach that has worked for many people.

People throughout the world rely upon hypnotherapy as a natural, effective treatment for both mild and debilitating stress issues.

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